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Beliefs and Commitments

  • Our Philosophy about Quality (Click to roll back up)

    One of Dr. Boren's favorite quotes:

    "Good enough is seldom good...or enough"

    Sadly, there is a broad lack of quality in dentistry these days. We find our office doing a lot of "fix it's", fixing crowns, filling, etcetera that patients had done elsewhere, that were entirely avoidable. From offices all over the country crowns are being sent to China and Mexico to be made cheaply because of an unfortunate patients poor insurance coverage, and many other corners are cut for a myriad of reasons. The worst part is the patient has no idea this is happening.

    Problems with dental work usually won't manifest itself until even a year or 2 years after being completed. So...poor quality is not easily detected.

     We've come to realize that being good at something has very little to do with how well you did in school, specialty training, or how many years a dentist has practiced. Instead it is really about a constant commitment to quality work with quality materials and a quality dental lab. Quality in dental work means long lasting, trouble free restorations that look beautiful and natural and pain free. All done with a gentle touch

    Dr. Boren was the #1 student in his clinical class but that doesn't mean someone automatically continues being good at what they do forever. Quality is a choice. A daily choice. We have made that choice and it is wired into our DNA. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labors as much as we do.

  • Our Commitment to You (Click to roll back up)

    Our commitment to you everyday is to provide the highest level of care in the world. Yes...the world. If someone can do something extremely well then it is a learn-able skill. We constantly strive to improve everything we do and each procedure we perform must be as perfect as man can make it or we work until it meets that criteria, as well as comfort and quality with absolute care. We will use the best dental materials available and we won't send your crowns, bridges or dentures to China to have them made. We will only use our best lab, who we think is the best lab in the world. (Made in the USA...of course!)

    For more information about quality issues in dentistry today please go here.

  • Why Choose Us? (Click to roll back up)

    There are a lot of claims out there today! 'Half Price dentistry', 'Same day implants' and the list goes on.

    We take pride in our integrity about your treatment. And we are uniquely qualified to give you straight answers to your questions without all the marketing "mumbo jumbo".

     Dr. Boren was the first full service Implant Dental office in Southern Utah (and that still may be true today). He was mentored by one of the pioneers of Implant Dentistry, Dr. Dean Doyle, and is an expert in all things dental implants. (Diagnosis, treatment, restoration, bone grafting etc.) Dr. Boren also brought Sleep Dentistry (IV Sedation) to Southern Utah and continues to offer this safe, comfortable and needed solution for any dental procedure. Therefore, since Dr. Boren is so uniquely qualified by offering excellence in all dental procedures we can give you honest answers and give you dental work that lasts and you would, and should, expect.

    We guarantee quality work with the best materials and dental lab available, all the time, and there are few offices that can honestly honor that claim.

    Welcome to our office!

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