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We speak a great deal about quality at our office and on this website. We do that because the word and concept of quality defines, in our minds, the best way to convey the fact that our services are the best you can find, that we use the best materials available for the procedure, that we are qualified and skilled at what we do...and...your dental work will last and last. Quality care means that we go out of our way to make your visit as comfortable as humanly possible. Check out our Sleep Dentistry for the ultimate in dental comfort.

Two principles to help convey this:

1. Just because a person goes to art school doesn't mean he is a good artist and it doesn't even mean he/she could make a living at it, no matter how hard they try. This applies directly to dentistry. Without great hand eye coordination and other skills...all the trying in the world cannot make something great. Dr. Boren was the top clinician in his entire dental class and received many of the graduation awards for his excellence and skill. This, combined with a perfectionist nature, results in quality work every time.

2. When you are shopping for a washing machine (Let's say that this year "Maytag" is the quality, long-lasting brand to buy) you can search all over town and find the best price or deal and there is no reason to buy it anywhere else. The best for the cheapest. A no brainer. However, this same thought process shouldn't carry over to your doctor or dentist. Unfortunately this mindset does carry over all too often. Patients are looking for the cheapest place to get a crown done, for example, because a crown is a crown and a licensed dentist is doing it....right? The reality is that you are buying skill, ethics and quality, all of which differ greatly from dentist to dentist depending on their level of training, and more importantly, skill and ethics.  You are not just investing in a crown.

Investing in the quality part of the crown procedure is what will make that crown fit better and therefore last longer, if not forever, and look better. One good crown is much cheaper than 2 or three poorly done crowns that you have to pay for all over again.

How do we "Deliver" quality?

First...the dentist has to have to have the ability, or skills, necessary to start with. Dr. Boren has proven his skills during dental school where he received many awards that were presented at the end of dental school. He was the #1 student in  clinical skills at his school and received several awards. In recognition of his skills he received awards for being the best student in; Implants, Crowns and Bridges, and General Dentistry which includes fillings, bonding etc.. He was also recognized for academic excellence his senior year and was on the dean's list and accepted into the Omicron Kappa Upsilon Dental Honors society and other awards were earned as well.

Second...School is one thing but that recognition only takes you so far. What Dr. Boren found to be important was the attitude towards quality work on a daily basis. It can be easy to get sloppy over time when you do something over and over. This applies to anything in life. Dr. Boren has perfectionism built in. His favorite quotes are:

"Good enough is seldom good...or enough"

"The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten"

Dr. Boren has worked since he was 7-8 years old and never plans to retire. He wouldn't know what to do without something to try and perfect. He feels that the daily blessing of being able to have a career that requires precision skills is what keeps him going and loves the challenge each procedure brings. "Being as painless and precise as possible, and seeing your work last throughout the years, never gets old", he says.

Third...This goes hand in hand with number 2 but it must be understood how important quality materials, equipment and the best dental lab are to the outcome of any dental procedure. The best stuff makes the best stuff. Cutting corners on any of the items mentioned above can result in higher profits but can never replace what is lost in quality and longevity. Without quality and longevity the joy of the work is lost as well. We will never cut corners.

Insurance 101 - The most important things to understand about Dental Insurance!

These days its difficult to determine what the actual benefits of a "dental insurance plan" are and just what they will pay for and what they won't. We absolutely know how important insurance is to you and your family. We all, including all of us at the office, want to maximize our insurance benefits. After all...they are our benefits!

Just beware that sometimes, if you go about it the wrong way, it can be a detrimental way to maintain good dental health. How can this be? This is a little bit of a long explanation but we promise it's worth reading. :) In nearly all cases, your dental insurance is more like a glorified dental discount program. Don't confuse Dental Insurance with your Medical Insurance. They are so completely different that it becomes confusing. There are few, if any true insurance programs when it comes to your dental needs in Utah. "Preferred Provider" is one of the most misleading titles that there can possible be in dentistry. The Preferred Provider title from an insurance company ONLY means that a dentist signed up with them and that is all. The insurance company doesn't know, and doesn't have a way to know, if a dentist does quality work or not. There is no special reason to call them "Preferred" other than their signature. When a dentist signs up and becomes a "Preferred Provider" that simply means that they agree to charge only the amount that the insurance company says they can charge. This might sound good at first....but the reality is there is never a free ride and if the amount that can be charged for a procedure goes down then quality is usually the first thing to suffer. There are many ways for a dentist to make up the difference between their normal fee and a discounted fee that an insurance company enforces. Unfortunately it is a very big problem and it shouldn't be surprising that it happens. If you were to go to work one day and someone comes in and tells you that you will make 30% less for each widget you produce...what would happen to that widget? Most likely your company would find a way to make it cheaper by using cheaper materials and the widget usually becomes worse...not better. In dentistry, to make up for low insurance fees, cheaper materials are used, cheaper labs are used that normally wouldn't be used (many crowns are sent to China these days and they are price and quality) and countless other "tactics" are used to make up the lost needed income. This issue has always been at the forefront of Dr. Boren's concerns about providing quality care. We never cut corners no matter what insurance we accept and we try to be picky about what programs we join with and you should be picky too. It pays off in the long term to get it done right the first time.

At Dr. Boren's office, we will evaluate your insurance plan and determine whether we can use your dental insurance program or not, we are happy to work with you to come up with a financial plan that works for you. Most of all...we promise to give you the best the dentistry has to offer. Dental yearly limits are so low that if you have even a moderate amount of dental work that needs to be done...your insurance will max out and you will be left with the remainder it's not a good idea to pick a dentist just because he/she is on your dental benefit plan! Please consider this carefully. You can usually take advantage of your dental benefits even when getting your work done by a non-"preferred provider" and it doesn't always cost more. If the work is good it is well worth the slight difference.


Don't Rush Into Your Dental Plan - If its not an emergency take the time to get it right.

It can be very easy to just go with whatever a dental practice tells you the insurance will or won't accept and think you are getting the best possible deal. Don't rush into this decision. Taking the time to discover all your dental options and get some an honest consultation about them is crucial to "getting the best deal" out of your dental insurance plan. Doing only what the insurance will cover is a bad way to make decisions about what is best for your teeth.


Helpful tips in Making Your Dental Plan

Here are some recommended steps to take when making your dental insurance decisions:

Step 1: Find out what services you are actually in need of. Many times their are alternatives to expensive procedures, and quite often extensive procedures can be spread out over time to get greater benefit out of your insurance and/or financial plans.

Step 2: Discover what your dental insurance will cover in conjunction with or instead of a discounted or flexible financial plan that you setup with your dentist. Surprisingly enough, often times, a discounted financial plan can end up less expensive and time consuming than your insurance coverage.

Step 3: Once you understand what services you really need, what alternatives are available, what financial arrangements and time lines can be setup to accommodate your budget and schedule, then you can sit down with your dentist and make your dental plan.


Schedule your free consultation with Dr. Boren Today - we'll give you the honest answers you need.

We are happy to help you navigate your dental plan benefits with you personally, at no cost to you. Just call and ask...we are happy to help: (435)674-9476

Nearly every office says they do quality work so how can you know for sure?

We wish we had a good answer for that question. Even bad dental work can last a year or two before becoming a problem. Then...after that long...who is going to blame something that happened so long ago? Therefore even consistently low quality dental offices can go on and on without it being evident.

As the saying goes..."The proof is in the pudding". Or the real version of that saying "The proof of the pudding is in the tasting", in other words, you don't know until you take the time and have enough experience to prove most things. It's helpful to get advice from a friend that has had longterm experience with their dentist. We can give you contact information of our patients that we have helped get their dental health back as well.

Dental work is exceptional these days due to the technology and materials that we have available. Therefore, crowns shouldn't break or fall off, teeth shouldn't hurt, flossing between your dental work should feel just like a real tooth and your crowns, fillings, dentures etcetera should look just like the real thing. Cosmetic dentistry shouldn't even be a category in dentistry the way that we see it. We feel the obligation to make every tooth look just like the real tooth when we do any work at all. We aren't happy until you are happy and we have the skills and knowledge to make you happy with anything in dentistry.

Call for a free consultation and bring your concerns and questions. We would love to show you what the best dentistry feels and looks like. :)