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  • What is Sleep Dentistry?

    Sleep Dentistry is also called "twilight sleep" or "IV Sedation". We start an IV, usually in your arm where your elbow bends, and administer medications that not only make you very comfortable but have many other benefits including:

    ● Causes forgetfulness...so you remember very little or nothing at all about the procedure!

    ● Produces a calming that makes you not worried about what is going on.

    ● Turns off the gag reflex. Perfect for patients with a pronounced gag reflex.


    Dr. Boren has been safely using Sleep Dentistry for over 21 years for his patients and was the first dentist to offer this service in this region.

    We feel it should be a standard practice in all dental offices but unfortunately it is difficult to find someone with the skills to perform all of the dental procedures that you need at one time, with sedation, like Dr. Boren has developed. We can treat all of the following, and more, during your Sleep Dentisty visit:

    ● Implants

    ● Root Canals

    ● Fillings

    ● Crowns/Bridges

    ● Bone Grafting

    ● Even just dental cleanings

    It is not about what procedure you need but the comfort you need!


    Welcome to the wonderful world of Sleep Dentistry.

    See the other great benefits of Sleep Dentistry below.


  • What are the benefits of Sleep Dentistry?

    Sleep Dentistry, by our definition, is sedation through an IV and not pills or gas. The benefits change depend on which type of sedation is used. For IV sedation, like we perform, we think it is the best way and it has the following advantages:

    Safety - IV access give a large safety margin over other methods because we have direct access to the vein where we can administer reversal agents or other medications to help in emergencies or other problems that may occur. With pill sedation there is no way to reverse or even control the amount of sedation or the duration that you are sedated.

    Control - Control over the level of sedation that occurs and the duration of the sedation so it lasts the whole procedure and is specific to your body. Pills have a wide range of effects for different people and are impossible to get the perfect dose. A 10mg pill, for example, will effect every single person differently and will last a different amount of time too. IV access with Sleep Dentistry solves all these issues and allows us to get all of your work done, usually in only one sitting!

    One Visit - One comfortable visit instead of several uncomfortable visits.  Sleep Dentistry is actually time saver because you can get your work done in one longer comfortable visits instead of coming and going several times to complete your treatment. Great for busy schedules or for just the plain comfort and/or convenience.

  • How Safe is Sleep Dentistry?

    It is estimated that this type of sedation is performed hundreds of thousands of times each day in the world. The methods and medications we use are viewed to be the safest way available. Dr. Boren has performed Sleep Dentistry for over 21 years and is a member of the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology.

    All of the main medications used for sedation have reversal agents that let us reverse the effects of the drugs in case it is needed. This great benefit plus constant training keep Sleep Dentistry a safe and wonderful alternative to the un-comforts of traditional dentistry.

  • How is  this different from other offices?

    Sleep Dentistry, IV Sedation or any of the other ways to describe being "put to sleep" or "put out" do not have the same meaning, unfortunately.

    Our method was developed over 6 years of striving to find a technique that would allow us to keep you safely and comfortably sedated for longer periods of time, with little to no side effects. And, at the same time, complete all your dental work in one visit. This was not an easy task but because Dr. Boren was trained in all aspects of dentistry including root canals, crowns, fillings, implants, bone grafting and more...we were able to find a way to deliver all this with excellence and the greatest comfort we currently know exists.

    In summary: There are few offices that can skillfully perform all of your dental needs and also give you the option of Sleep Dentistry. Many offices that offer IV Sedation type dentistry, like we do, often are not able to complete extensive amounts of work and they limit the time to 1 or 2 procedures, or refer some types of procedures to other dentists, instead of all together in the same visit.

    Pills - We don't use pills. Some offices advertise Sleep Dentistry or "Sedation Dentistry" and this can often mean using pills to sedate you for the procedure. There are many reasons we don't advocate this type of sedation. Safety is a concern because every person reacts differently, and to a different degree, than another person to the same dosage of pill/pills. Also, there is no IV route in case of emergencies to reverse the medication as there is with IV medications. Also, there is no way to control the time that the pills will last and you may wake up in the middle of the procedure and have to endure the rest of it without the comforts of sedation. There is no way to control whether or not you will be completely sedated or comfortably sedated as well...and it may not be a pleasant experience. Pills are simply not nearly as safe or predictable as an IV sedation.


Welcome to the Wonderful World of Sleep Dentistry!

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